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We have all heard voice over in documentary film, televised sports, movie trailers, and other types of video. We usually trust a quality voice over as a reliable source of information. This trust goes all the way back to radio.

They take the time to understand the project, are open to collaboration and deliver a product that exceeds your expectations. I have found Digipulse to be sincere, nimble and reliable and these are all traits I hold in high esteem with my vendors.

Eric Smissen, Goodwill Orange County

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Eric Smissen,

Digipulse has produced dozens of videos for our high profile, multi million dollar commercial real estate properties over the last few years. Digipulse is our preferred video production company due to their dependability, professionalism, vast knowledge of digital techniques, attention to detail and understanding of client demands.

Everlyn Choi, Newmark Knight Frank

Digipulse always goes above and beyond. I feel very lucky to be doing business with them.

David Basset, Hyundai Capital America

Whether you are producing an explainer or corporate video, a phone hold message, online radio spot, or an in-store radio show – a quality voice over helps to elevate your business above the competition.

The technique of combining voice overs with unscripted statements is powerful. In focusing on the unscripted nature of interview excerpts, voice overs make their authenticity and professionalism stand out.

Selecting a voice over artist

If you’ve decided on a voice over for your video, how will you pick the right voice over artist? Understanding the pros and cons of female, male, younger or older voices, is essential to making the right decision.

Drawing on some marketing research that studied the impact of voice gender on advertising, we can provide the following insights:

  • Harris poll discovered that individuals consider female voices to be more soothing and persuasive, and male voices to be more forceful.

One conclusion is that a video seeking smaller, regular, purchases or gifts, like subscriptions or donations, would do well with a female voice artist. The same is true for a company looking to engage viewers with their brand.

The survey also found that for big-ticket items, like a car, individuals thought they were more likely to purchase something sold by a male voice. If your film is asking the public to make a significant, one-time purchase, it may work better with a male voice.

That said, nearly 70% of respondents reported that the voice over would not influence their purchases. Voice works at an unconscious level, however, and the study reviewed stated preferences.

  • Research from the University of Miami, discovered that digitally altering a voice for pitch can influence behavior. Individuals were asked to respond to the phrase, “I urge you to make a vote for me.”

Deeper voices were found to be more persuasive, regardless of whether they were male or female. If the video you create deals with political advocacy and getting folks to dedicate themselves to your cause, then a voice with a lower tone is preferable.

Research has also demonstrated that if your organization or message has an apparent inherent gender, then the gender of the voice over should match it.

When video should use a voice over

Enthusiasm, emotional connection with the content, clarity, perceived experience, as well as additional factors, such as accent, may be more critical than the voice’s gender or age. Digipulse voice experts can advise you on the best match for your aims.

First, we choose a baseline age and gender that will be right for the recording by considering what the intended audience is likely to respond to. Naturally, different attributes will require different voices for varying audience demographics. Choices also change depending on what the video is trying to achieve. Some clients trial the effect of different voices with their target audience.

We select one of our many, diverse voice artists to fit your project and coach them to ensure that their ‘tone’ serves the intended outcome of the video. This systematic approach works well and helps to generate a good return on your investment in the project.

Why should you use a professional voice over artist for video?

Professional voice actors can make a business owner’s investment in their video significantly more worthwhile. Audiences won’t necessarily notice a voice over unless it is ‘amateur’-sounding, and that creates a negative impression.

A do-it-yourself approach will never achieve the results of voice overs created with expertise and professionalism. One misconception concerning voice over actors is that they merely “read lines into a microphone.” Voice over professionals have years of training and practice, and different vocal techniques at their disposal. Some very well-known actors are unable to master this skill.

Expert voice over recording studio set-up

Digipulse is experienced in bringing scripts to life. We have the technical skills and have invested in the best equipment. We can make what you imagine a polished reality because we have fine-tuned the proper audio processing equipment, preamps, and microphones.

We understand the effect of different voices and acoustics, and have professional studios insulated for sound. We understand the influence of every aspect of acoustic work and are experienced in getting to exactly what our customers want.

Digipulse offers professional voice over artists

Our artists spend 6 to 10 hours per day in our office studio recording audio for corporate training videos, explainer videos, TV and radio commercials, video games, and phones systems.

If Digipulse can assist you with your fundraising video, business video, association video, or additional video production needs, we are happy to provide an estimate through our online form or discuss the project with you at 949-233-0613, or communicate through email at We serve foundations, associations, businesses, and nonprofits, mainly in Orange County, CA.

For more information on our Orange County scripting & voice over services, contact Digipulse today at 949-233-0613.