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The most important aspect of corporate video production for a business is to tell a compelling story in a clear and engaging way. It’s also important to convey that message without being to in your face and stiff. What we love to do is just have an organic yet organized conversation with our subjects instead of something completely scripted. We do this by using two camera angles which allows us to cut back and forth making for clean and dynamic transitions. We also incorporate Broll into the production to compliment whatever is being said. To understand what we’re talking about check out some of our work below.

They take the time to understand the project, are open to collaboration and deliver a product that exceeds your expectations. I have found Digipulse to be sincere, nimble and reliable and these are all traits I hold in high esteem with my vendors.

Eric Smissen, Goodwill Orange County

Pedram Shojai

Eric Smissen,

Digipulse has produced dozens of videos for our high profile, multi million dollar commercial real estate properties over the last few years. Digipulse is our preferred video production company due to their dependability, professionalism, vast knowledge of digital techniques, attention to detail and understanding of client demands.

Everlyn Choi, Newmark Knight Frank

Digipulse always goes above and beyond. I feel very lucky to be doing business with them.

David Basset, Hyundai Capital America

Training videos

A video can assist in accelerated learning. Your business can save funds on staff training by creating videos that teach them on their own time. A training video is efficient because it will offer a visual demonstration that is more memorable than staring at a static diagram or studying a manual.

Staff members can watch the video an unlimited number of times, until they retain all the information. The better the film, the more easily they will absorb the information it contains.

A fun way to market

Crafting corporate videos is a thrilling method of visually showcasing your brand. It doesn’t have to be a Hollywood production or high-pressure infomercial.

A corporate video for a website works well because it will concentrate on trends in the industry and the utility and special features of the product, rather than hype or sales. A video can be a reminder that people who share similar beliefs and values to the customer are the ones operating your business.

Customer feedback

A video production of individuals offering feedback on your product is a highly-effective method of allowing others to know what consumers think about your business. However, consumers will quickly wise-up to anything that seems staged, so using genuine responses is vital. Allow the most descriptive and articulate clients to tell your story for you, as well as influence other possible clients through videos on the Internet.
Tell your story

Videos give you the scope to tell your story in a way that is visually interesting, has an emotional hook, and provides entertainment. Video production is also highly effective for start-ups, giving you the chance to go over the advantages of your product without any commercial constraints.

Radio and TV commercials are restricted to thirty and sixty-second spots. A corporate video isn’t subject to such limits. Even though it is possible to make your video production as long as you want it to be, these kinds of films work best on the Internet when they are 5 minutes or less.

Beware any company selling you the idea of a documentary. If you want to invest more in corporate videos, then it is better to make several short films than one long one.

Search engines prefer videos

A well-documented video that is clean cut with tags and descriptions is what web surfers look for. Google will rank a video more highly than text, and we understand how to tag and document videos in ways that Google bots recognize them.

If you operate a start-up, by cornering a niche on YouTube, it’s possible to build a loyal following online. Additionally, YouTube is a social platform, which makes it simple to interact with subscribers.

One other fantastic method of boosting search engine ranks for videos includes putting up transcriptions. Putting up your content in text and video formats is good for search engine optimization and will assist in building your case as an expert in your industry.

Social media sharing

A top reason for creating a corporate video is that it may be shared with your social media following. If your video is compelling enough, it will lead to discussions and comments about your brand. When people share your videos via social media, it is, essentially, free advertising. A viral video means that your clients are doing the marketing for you!

Nowadays, most consumers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by suggestions from friends. Being a trusted provider of your product is key, which is why reviews on the Internet have become so influential to sales. Websites such as Yelp have opened the informational freeway of buyer opinion.

Easy on your eyes

An internet video is much easier to consume than text. As critical as reading is, video is more pleasurable and permits the viewer to relax.

A further advantage of a training video over text, is that students can control of the rate at which they watch. Some people learn better consuming all the content at once, while others prefer to dip in and out of parts they need to revise. Being able to pace their learning means a faster learning curve, and better understanding.

An opportunity for a call-to-action

Effective campaigns must end with a solid CTA. Whoever provides the voice for the video must direct the watcher to go to the site to hear more details on the product and brand. If a message is well-executed, it can lead to more conversions.

Keep in mind that a hard sales pitch doesn’t work well on the Internet since most people use the web to conduct their own research and tend to navigate away from anything that is too high-pressure.

Creative brand awareness

What makes video production unique is that it combines visuals with audio and simulates a real-life experience. Video helps make buyers feel as if they have experienced a product, even if they’ve never purchased it.

Of all the various methods of building a brand, video has the most significant impact. Videos help bring a business to life because they connect sound and pictures that lodge themselves in people’s memories.

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