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Audiences today expect marketing to be delivered directly to them in the form of engaging, high-quality content. Billboards and adverts in newspapers are just not sufficient. Large, medium, and small businesses are turning toward video productions to communicate their messages.


Video is a very effective medium to sell any service or product. Commercial video productions may be positioned on:


Broadcast television

It’s possible to reach thousands of watchers with an enthralling ad which will leave your brand name in the mind of anyone who sees it.



Boost your brand’s online presence with a video ad that draws in web surfers.



Brands using direct-to-consumer mailings of quality commercial video are reaching their target demographics.


With a successful commercial video, your brand may boost its marketing power. Consider just a few of the benefits a video production may offer:


  • Generate media interest in new services and products
  • Solidify investor confidence
  • Boost branding efforts
  • Increase sales 

Serious businesses use commercial video productions to get their brand out there. Perception is everything in today’s fiercely competitive business environment. If it’s possible to saturate potential customers with details about your brand’s business, they are more likely to turn to you.


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John Phipps

Working with these guys is like working with family. Without the arguments of course. Their service level is through the roof and their communication is next to none. We produce TV spots with Digipulse on a regular basis and no matter what the Digipulse team always put out a superior product that gets us results.

John PhippsMarketing Director Worldwide Golf
Pedram Shojai
These guys are like super-spy ninjas with all the cool toys. What used to take a crew of 12 is now a couple of guys and we get better quality. They are very professional and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.
Pedram ShojaiOwerWell.Org
David Griffin

Digipulse was able to provide the quality aerial video piece that we have been searching for several years. Their work was not offensive or obtrusive to our Hotel guests while they were on site, yet the professional shots they were able to create conveyed the brand and images we desired. I also recommended Digipulse to other Hotels in our Destination Hotels brand.

David GriffinMarketing DirectorParadise Point Resort and Spa
Craig Wood

Digipulse was an absolute pleasure to work with. Tney were always available when I needed them, and always did what they said they would do and, most importantly, the quality of the video they produced for me was excellent. I showed it to everyone I could and, without exception, they all loved it! And I have no doubt the real estate market loved it, too, because my listing went into escrow after only 7 days on the market at full price!

Craig WoodReal Estate SpecialistColdwell Banker Real Estate

What will a quality commercial video production look like?

If you have chosen to invest in a commercial video, one of the next steps is to select a company that can produce a film that will make you proud. There is an abundance of companies in this market, and, unfortunately, some of them are disappointingly amateurish.

Successful commercial video production businesses, like Digipulse, have:

  • An interest in listening to your story and delivering your message in a strategic way.
  • The capacity to deliver high production-value content on a schedule.
  • Stunning graphics which cater to today’s visual consumers.
  • The most recent in digital technology.
  • Expertise in marketing strategy and an understanding of web rankings.
  • A creative team recognized for their excellence.
  • Years of experience in the business.

Commercial video productions are well-suited for showcasing your organization to those who matter most. We will help you to tell your company’s story in a way that reaches your target demographic, looks high-quality, and promotes engagement.

Every business has different needs. That is why you ought to search for a video production company like Digipulse. We can offer various packages tailored to your company’s budget and needs.

When should your company begin a commercial video production campaign?

Many companies have already embarked on successful commercial video campaigns. No matter what package or format your business is looking for, now is the best time to use a video within your company’s marketing strategy.

If your company wants to connect with customers efficiently, commercial video productions are the perfect format. With Digipulse, it’s possible to implement your marketing schemes almost immediately.

Videos can help your business because

All marketing strategy decisions made by an organization are critical. You need the most value, the highest of quality, a targeted concept, and a delivery medium that will reach potential customers. Businesses of all sizes have discovered that a video can be a marketing tool that delivers stunning results.

They are:

  • A great way to impress investors.
  • A clear and precise way to present your organization’s services or products.
  • Flexible enough to package content so that it is strategically aligned with the interests of your target audience.
  • A stellar method of introducing viewers to your site.
  • A polished and dynamic presentation of your organization’s message.

If you have tried other types of advertising, whether online, on billboards, or another delivery method which made little impact, a video might be what your business needs. The extra spark of film, its ability to lodge in the memory and influence behavior, can be measured via increased sales and profits.

When the time comes to improve and update your organization’s marketing strategy, keep in mind all the benefits of a video production.

What type of video production is the best fit for your business?

Businesses have different needs in regards to marketing strategies. Fortunately, there are many options when it comes to video productions.

  • Promotional video production permits your business to promote a specific service or product in various formats.
  • Web video production may offer an excellent gateway to your site which keeps watchers interested after they have clicked on a link from one other page or discover your business through Google.
  • Viral video marketing campaigns allow your viewers to perform the work for you—an especially catchy video that subtly pitches a product will be distributed across the internet without your intervention.
  • Corporate video production permits you to impress business partners and investors with the clarity and focus of your organization’s message.
  • Commercial video production enables your business to develop a full-length ad that may be aired over broadcast TV and other formats.

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