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What makes Digipulse Unique when it comes to producing Commercial Real Estate Videos is that we’ve been producing TV Commercials, Web Commercials, and Lifestyle productions for over a decade. We didn’t just pick up a Drone and a DSLR last year and head out into the market. Everything is done in house including editing, graphics, music, and voice over.

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out some of the productions we’ve created for Newmark Knight Frank, CBRE, Jones Lang LaSalle, Cushman & Wakefield, Land Advisors, Ocean West Capital Partners, Lee and Associates, Rockwood Capital, Voit, Duke Reality, Economos DeWolf, Westar, MDC, and more.

We operate a national crew of 107 Certified drone pilots for commercial drone operations as well as being specifically insured for drone productions.

They take the time to understand the project, are open to collaboration and deliver a product that exceeds your expectations. I have found Digipulse to be sincere, nimble and reliable and these are all traits I hold in high esteem with my vendors.

Eric Smissen, Goodwill Orange County

Pedram Shojai

Eric Smissen,

Digipulse has produced dozens of videos for our high profile, multi million dollar commercial real estate properties over the last few years. Digipulse is our preferred video production company due to their dependability, professionalism, vast knowledge of digital techniques, attention to detail and understanding of client demands.

Everlyn Choi, Newmark Knight Frank

Digipulse always goes above and beyond. I feel very lucky to be doing business with them.

David Basset, Hyundai Capital America

Take a look around

Looking around at everyday consumers can tell us a lot that is useful for your marketing efforts. How do the people around you get their information? Where are these people going? Many of them will be peering down at their phones, their iPad’s, or their laptops.

If they aren’t playing a game of some sort, they’re more than likely viewing a video on YouTube or Facebook. Oh, or working.

Consumer online video traffic accounted for 64 percent of all consumer online traffic in 2014, according to CISCO. Consumers prefer video. It’s on track with CISCO’s claim that around the world, consumer online video traffic is going to be 80% of all consumer online traffic in 2019.

There are several benefits to using video in real estate marketing.

Video makes us smarter

Human beings retain 58 percent more data when shown how to do something, rather than reading about how to do it. If you were planning to buy a new house, would you like to see a dozen photographs or one video? A video can take you through a property, accurately representing its location, setting, size, and depth.

Video builds rapport and trust

Research has proven that individuals are more than likely to trust and like folks they’ve seen in person or on film than individuals they only have communicated with via email or on the phone.

Video is emotional

It’ll convey a lot more than pictures or text. We’re more than likely to cry, laugh, be sad or happy in reaction to something we view than something we read.

Video is quick

We’re able to convey a message in a shorter space of time using video than text. It might take one other real estate agent twenty minutes to communicate their value through text, but the same impression can be created very quickly via video.

Quickly making a good impression is especially critical given our world of instant gratification. As buyers’ attention spans grow smaller, the need to grab that attention quickly increases. A video will do that.

Video is believable

You’re more than likely to believe a video message than something comprised of pictures or text.

Video uses more of our senses

Naturally, we believe what we’re able to see and hear. It’s simpler for our brains to process. The visual cues in a video are enough for us to make a purchasing choice, most of the time. Video is the best way to present a service or highlight a product’s appeal.

Video is purple cow

All real estate agents have a website. Some agents have several. Some companies have thousands of them. That’s a ton of competition. Everyone has a site, yet not all real estate agents are posting video content to support their business.

In an ocean of links on Google’s first page, video will stand out.

Video helps your search engine results page ranking

Video is more likely to make it on Google’s first page than text alone. Whether you are searching for details on Phoenix, a home for sale, a subdivision, the selling or buying process, or the meaning of short sale, Google knows that most users prefer a video and will push video content towards the top of the page.

More activity around real estate listings that have real estate video

Property videos are a necessity in today’s market. Our tours help potential buyers to mentally move into a property. A buyer can view the granite counters inside the kitchen, feel the heat deriving from the stainless Sub Zero 6 or Wolf burner range, and see where they will put their couch.

Real estate listings that include video see a 400 percent boost in website views and inquiries compared to those without. The NAR survey proves that 73 percent of sellers have a desire to list with a real estate agent who employs video marketing, but only 14 percent of realtors are using it, let alone using it to its full potential.

Video is often the first impression a buyer has of you, your brand, and your listings. Agents are winning real estate listings due to real estate video.

For more information on our nationwide commercial real estate video production services, contact Digipulse today at 949-233-0613.