Orange County Aerial Videography

Everyone loves interesting content. Striking video production is just the thing to attract and engage new and existing clients. It will enhance conversions, as well as boosting brand appeal, once people start to watch and share the video.

Aerial video is a great way to stand apart from the crowd and your competition making an attention-grabbing first impression for your product or brand. It can add to future sales and is a fantastic way for customers to share their purchases or visits with their friends and co-workers.

For real estate, it’s an innovative way to highlight the benefits of your location, the access, and surrounding features, all seen from angles that weren’t obtainable before.

If you have a geographical location with specific features, such as a water park, a unit on an industrial park, or a hotel, video offers the best overview of the location. It is perfect for displaying a distinct vantage point of the service, (the top of the water slide!) and to orientate customers with a bird’s-eye view of access from parking or local transport.

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John Phipps

Working with these guys is like working with family. Without the arguments of course. Their service level is through the roof and their communication is next to none. We produce TV spots with Digipulse on a regular basis and no matter what the Digipulse team always put out a superior product that gets us results.

John PhippsMarketing Director Worldwide Golf
Pedram Shojai
These guys are like super-spy ninjas with all the cool toys. What used to take a crew of 12 is now a couple of guys and we get better quality. They are very professional and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.
Pedram ShojaiOwerWell.Org
David Griffin

Digipulse was able to provide the quality aerial video piece that we have been searching for several years. Their work was not offensive or obtrusive to our Hotel guests while they were on site, yet the professional shots they were able to create conveyed the brand and images we desired. I also recommended Digipulse to other Hotels in our Destination Hotels brand.

David GriffinMarketing DirectorParadise Point Resort and Spa
Craig Wood

Digipulse was an absolute pleasure to work with. Tney were always available when I needed them, and always did what they said they would do and, most importantly, the quality of the video they produced for me was excellent. I showed it to everyone I could and, without exception, they all loved it! And I have no doubt the real estate market loved it, too, because my listing went into escrow after only 7 days on the market at full price!

Craig WoodReal Estate SpecialistColdwell Banker Real Estate

We’ve found that aerial video will provide outstanding benefits for these sectors and more:

Real estate agencies

Real estate businesses gain from aerial video as the actual shape, size, and layout of a building can be properly captured. For potential buyers who enjoy seeing the property, an aerial video will do an excellent job of displaying the scope and dimensions of the property.

You can give customers what they’re looking for – footage of an entire property in all its glory. It’s also a fantastic way of showcasing a selection of landscapes and features for clients who have an extensive list to choose from or are out of town.


Aerial footage of a resort’s outside amenities is perfect for the resort’s website. The principal thing that customers look for, is video. They need to see what they might be visiting or investing in.

Lots of resorts have page upon page of pictures or videos that depict their swimming pool, indoor and outdoor amenities, bedrooms, lounge areas, gardens, the lobby, and much more. All future visitors can become lost in the pictures and videos and enjoy imagining themselves there.

In order to offer future customers a more exact portrayal, you can upload stunning aerial video footage of the entire resort. It’ll offer possible clients a sense of how the facility is set up or arranged. Being familiar with a facility’s layout before they arrive does a lot to make settling in easier and less overwhelming.

Construction businesses

Construction sites can benefit from aerial footage in a variety of ways. First off, as a contractor or sponsor wants to see the creation of a certain job. When you want to showcase the work that has been accomplished, nothing beats aerial footage.

Construction businesses like to display the development, not just provide text about what progress took place. The contractor can be reassured with specific views of the progress achieved.

Aerial videography also helps with job-scheduling, ordering materials, site surveys and even landscaping plans and progress. By using aerial footage, no corners are cut, and no details are left uncaptured.

Enhance your business

You can make use of aerial videography to take your business to the next level. It’s possible to capture grand panoramas of the city you live in. It is going to highlight the community you work in, and eventually boost interest in your small business.

Using remote-controlled aerial drones, beautiful, impressive shots are available at a fraction of the price of helicopter footage. These images are now accessible to almost any customer. Make your customers sit up and take note of these breathtaking moments.

Check out some of our observations:

    • Individuals respond better to visual data than plain text.
    • Having a video on your website boosts the odds of a first-page rank, and pages will receive more clicks.
    • Site conversions will improve when a quality video is embedded on the page.

Digipulse works closely with every customer to ensure the satisfactory completion of your project. We ensure quality work every time, because each piece of work we do for you is our visible reputation. We do not rest until each pixel and decibel is perfectly aligned.

We’ll seek to develop a video that isn’t just entertaining but also generates tangible results for your company. Compelling video content will have an unrivaled rate of conversion —turning viewers into customers. The Digipulse team generates videos that go live, on target, according to your budget, and on schedule.

Our skilled team of writers, videographers, marketers, and editors work together to create your message and generate results for your business. We customize our execution and concept to the needs of every project. We take into consideration distribution, budget, audience, and timeline.

Above everything else, Digipulse is all about creating an incredible experience for our clientèle. Working with us is a chance for growth. Drone technology has revolutionized this field, which means there are incredible opportunities for original work. Get in touch so that we can work together to explore all the different ways we can make you look great!

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