Why Digipulse

Digipulse is an Orange County based full service Video Production and Digital Animation Company. We’ve mastered the creative process of 2D, 3D, and Creative HD videography both Aerial and Ground. Video production is our life and we’re good with that. When you do something you love, life and business are no longer seen as separate parts of your day. We’re a marketing company who just happens to use a camera and digital technology as tools to get your message out in front of the masses. If you’re looking to produce a TV Commercial, Web Video, Corporate Video, Aerial Production, and pretty much anything that involves telling stories through video production Digipulse has you covered.  To top things off Digipulse is FAA approved holding a 333 exemption for commercial drone operation.

The Process

We start by getting to know YOU. We want to know your goals, your best practices and the things that keep you up at night. We want to come along side you and partner with you. We believe that if we don’t collaborate, neither of us wins. And we are about making this a winning experience for you and your brand. In the end, we want to make you a client for life.

So what’s next? Here are the nuts and bolts of what we do:

PHASE 1: concept.script.storyboard.

We set the stage for your project. You will be presented with creative ideas based on our teamwork with you including thematic elements, scripting and storyboard.

PHASE 2: graphics.filming.motion.music

This is where the fun begins and your video takes shape. We take all the creative thought from phase one and make it come to life through sight – graphics and cinematography that creates an experience and makes words come to life. We do this through our live action filming, graphics and motion design and music selected to match your story.

PHASE 3: your story in motion

After we add our magic touch based on your input and comments, you will receive the final piece delivered in a format that fits your needs.