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Working with these guys is like working with family. Without the arguments of course. Their service level is through the roof and their communication is next to none. We produce TV spots with Digipulse on a regular basis and no matter what the Digipulse team always put out a superior product that gets us results.

 John Phipps
Marketing Director


Digipulse was able to provide the quality aerial video piece that we have been searching for several years. Their work was not offensive or obtrusive to our Hotel guests while they were on site, yet the professional shots they were able to create conveyed the brand and images we desired. I also recommended Digipulse to other Hotels in our Destination Hotels brand.

David Griffin
Marketing Director

Coldwell Banker Real Estate

Digipulse was an absolute pleasure to work with. Tney were always available when I needed them, and always did what they said they would do and, most importantly, the quality of the video they produced for me was excellent. I showed it to everyone I could and, without exception, they all loved it! And I have no doubt the real estate market loved it, too, because my listing went into escrow after only 7 days on the market at full price!

Craig Wood
Real Estate Specialist

Animated video production

Animations communicate in a way that is pleasurable for viewers. Animation is also the opposite of the hard-sell, so conveys the information with a light touch that viewers love.

Explainer video production

Digipulse’s explainer video production staff will develop, film, and create a custom professional video that will explain your product, business or service. Our Orange County, CA video production company creates expert business quality videos that sell, educate, and charm.

Stop motion production

Unique video content is bound to grab people’s attention. A stop motion video is an excellent method of telling a story about your service or product. Using Stop Motion Video, all the objects are photographed, then moved by tiny increments. When these photographs are run together, the pictures create the illusion of movement.

Whiteboard animation

Whiteboard explainer videos are sets of hand-drawn images that are recorded live then sped up to match the narrator’s voice. The ‘live’ creativity of the drawing process is always compelling.  People love them and share them at an amazing rate. More than half of the world watches at least one video online, every day. This year, more than 150 million individuals in the United States will watch video online. And according to Google, 75 percent of all smartphone users view video content, with more than 25 percent of them doing so on a daily basis.

Why select animated video production?

  • Engage clients – The creativity of animated video is intriguing. Animations promote engagement with your website and boost your online presence. They also add value to these visits because customers spend more time on your site. The majority of us are visual learners. Audiences will retain more info from a video, therefore, than from an ocean of black text or simplistic images.
  • Improve conversion rates and user experience – Decrease your bounce rate, boost your on-site sign-ups, improve client retention, and increase sales using animated videos. Animated videos can explain and educate potential customers about your service, product, or any aspects of your business that you would like to showcase. The advantage is that they do it in a way that is welcomed and they will act on authoritative videos with confidence.
  • Enhance internet search engine visibility – Google enjoys video. You’ll often see video results in Google searches. Video is sticky. A compelling animation will encourage individuals to remain on your website longer, which can improve both your sales and your rankings.

With customized animation, it’s possible to bring your video to life. Digipulse provides in-house production and creative direction for 2D and 3D animations. We’re able to design animations and effects for video and film titles and element toolkits, as well as informative graphics, like diagrams and maps.

Our professional animators use cutting-edge design tools to develop amazing animations. We’re able to produce storyboards, create an animation, and render the end product on either electronic files or videotape.

2D animation

Figures are edited and/or created on a computer with 2D bitmap graphics or 2D vector graphics.

Our professional animators create 2-D images or characters with the use of computer adaptations of traditional techniques of animation. Two-dimensional vector graphics or bitmap graphics are first built, then animated.

We apply computerized versions of traditional animation methods like morphing, tweening, interpolated rotoscoping, and onion skinning to create the animations you need, including PowerPoint animation, Flash Animation, and analog computer animation.

3D animation

Polygons are used to create figures on the computer. These shapes provide a base ‘mesh’ of the animation that can be brought to life within a digital armature. The process is referred to as rigging.

A variety of other methods may be applied via mathematical functions such as simulated hair or fur, effects like water and fire, and the use of motion capture to create realism for:

  • Crowd simulation
  • Motion capture
  • Skeletal animation
  • Morph target animation
  • Cel-shaded animation

At Digipulse, we’re able to breathe life into 3D images and characters for your game, movie, website, product demos, presentation, or television program. If you have any idea for which you need 2D or 3D animation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated team.

For more information on our Orange County 2D & 3D animation services, contact Digipulse today at 949-233-0613.


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