TV Commercials, Corporate Videos, Brand Videos, Web Videos, Company Presentations, the list goes on.  We got you covered.

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TV commercials have always been a popular and effective way of communicating with your audience and still is the primary way of branding your product or service.  But as technology has progressed and a web presence have become the norm the need for quality web video has pretty much become expected and mandatory.  As new sites are built out or existing sites are reworked there is a massive shift from too much text and graphics to great business introductory videos. Why? The reason for the shift is that it’s human nature to be drawn to movement.  It’s also human nature to be drawn to less work.  Video covers both those areas.  The movement not only grabs and retains ones attention for longer but also gives the viewer the easy way out of not having to read and decipher your message.  This in turn reduces your bounce rate and keeps viewers engaged longer on your site ultimately increasing your brand awareness and as a result increasing your sales opportunities. Website videos simplify the search putting all the information in front of the viewer in a much more engaging and friendly format.  One of the top reasons why bounce rates are so high is because visitors are overwhelmed with the amount of information being placed in front of them. Connect with your viewers, communicate your message, give your viewers direction, and increase your SEO with a custom website video.  Leave a lasting impression and create a the positive perception you are looking for with a website video.

2d/3d Animation

When working with 2d & 3d animation the skys the limit.  We can work with existing assets and bring them to life or just start from scratch.

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Over the last decade Digipulse has become a leader and go to Video Production Company in the Orange County area.  We’ve become well known as both 2D and 3D animators putting out content for companies both large and small.  2D and 3D animation are one of the most affordable and effective ways of communicating your message.  Why have a static image and a bunch of text when you can take that same still content and bring it to life with motion, custom music, and voice over.  Send us your existing assets and allow Digipulse to take your content to the next level.

Aerial Videography

The perspective we’re now able to capture with our drone technology is mind blowing.  Check out some of our aerial videos under Our Work.

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First off Digipulse Video Production is the 1st FAA approved company in Orange County.  We hold both a 333 exemption as well as insurance for commercial aerial video production.  Aerial Videography and Photography through the use of drone technology is revolutionizing the way we see the world.  What was once too costly or impossible to capture is now a reality.  Digipulse is stocked with all the tools and expertise to create the most stunning and eye catching aerial videos you’ve ever seen.  What’s unique about Digipulse is that we don’t just know how to fly and tell stories in the air, we are experts in taking that footage and putting it through the post production process.  In the industry we always say let your portfolio speak for itself, and so we shall.  Enjoy from a birds eye view soaring through resorts, over golf courses, in and around real estate.  Enjoy the perspective we’re able to capture from as low as 2ft to as high as 400ft.  Experience the world as you’ve never seen it before.  “Let It Fly”.  Gives us a call with any questions or just to chat about how this new technology is changing the way we see things.

Real Estate

A competitive market requires a creative marketing strategy.  We don’t just film properties, we tell stories through dynamic cinematography.

Post Production

Without a solid Post Production team you have nothing.  Digipulse handles all editing, custom music, visual effects, and more in house.

Scripting & Voice Over

We’re a marketing company that just happens to use video as a means of communicating your message.  Leave your Scripting and Voice Over to us.